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Capacitor Characterstics
A motor capacitor, such as a start capacitor or run capacitor, is an electrical capacitor that boosts the current or reduce the power factor to an electric motor, such as air conditioners, water pumps, garage openers, or forced air heat furnaces. Around or oval dual run capacitor is used in some air conditioner compressor units to boost both the fan and compressor motors and reduce the power factor.

Motor Start Capacitors: are normally used in single-phase motors to boost the value of their starting torque. It is necessary that the start should take in a small fraction of time (seconds) with the input of a high reactive power. Because of its reduced size high capacitance value, the motor start capacitor is the best capacitor for this type of application. Once the motor has been started, the capacitor should be disconnected from the circuit. The capacitor element are made of aluminum foil treated and separated by a layer of impregnated paper.

Run Capacitors: are designed for continuous duty and they are energized the entire time the motor is running. Run capacitors are rated in a range of 1一120 u F with voltage classifications of 100V to 630V. They are manufactured with a dielectric material that consists of two sheets of polypropylene film. Each one with a thin layer of vacuum deposited metal on one side.

Electical specifications and definitions

Rated voltage Vn: The rms value of the sinusoidal AC voltage which can be applied to the capacitor in normal working conditions.

Rated current In: The value of the current flowing through the capacitor of rated capacitance at the rated voltage and frequency.

Duty frequency range: The capacitors can be used at a frequency range of 50-60Hz. Use at higher frequencies is possible provided the voltage, current, temperature and power limits are complied with.

Operating temperature class: In accordance with the reference standards, minimum and Maximum temperatures are those measured on the surface of the capacitor.

Capacitance tolerance: Different tolerance values are available on request. The minimum capacitance value is the minimurn designed capacitance, The maximum capacitance is defined by the to lerance chosen.

Loss angle tan:The ratio between the equivalent series resistance (e.s.r) and the capacitive reactance at specified sinusoidal alternating voltage and frequency.

Mechanical specifications:
The capacitor may be provided with stud M8 and M12 for mounting:
The maximum torque is: 5 Nm for M8
Operating classes and climatic categories IEC/EN 60252-1
Operating classes of capacitors for single-phase motors refer to EN 60252-1 Standards (June2002) and are identified as follows:
Life expectancy
The minimum total life for which the Capacit25or is designed at rated voltage, temperature&frequency

Class of Operation Class of Operation Class of Operation
Class A 30,000 hrs 6.000 hrs
Class B 10,000 hrs 2.000 hrs
Class C 3,000 hrs 600 hrs
Class D 1,000 hrs 200 hrs

Climatic category

25 85 21
min. Permissible temperature max. Permissible temperature damp heat days

Class of safety protection

S0 No safety protection
S1 Safety achievable by external means (fuse)
S2 With internal safety protect
S3 film anti-explosion

General notes:

. All capacitors are available in larger case sizes than indicated in the chart.

. Most capacitors are available with M8-M12 mounting stud.

. Other values and design not covered in the catalog are available on request.
Management Systems

SOK capacitor strict follow ISO9001:2000 certified since 2000. Quality management system of the organization is based upon Quality Procedures as list in the Quality manual.

Incoming Inspection

All incoming raw materials are inspected through spot check with national standard.

Inprocess Inspection

The entire process is kept under control from procurement to despatch to Customer by Routine and Petrol Inspections which ensures that the product conforms to specifications at each stage of manufacture.

Final Inspection

Every capacitor is subjected to all requirements with a dedicated 100% Routine Test and all outgoing inspection is carried out as per Inspection Stardard Sampling plan with most Stringent acceptable quality levels which eliminates any failure.