Founded in 1992,Taizhou SOK Capacitor CO.,LTD is a professional manufactuter and major supplier of quality capacitors in China.
Our products include:
.  Polypropylene film capacitor
.  Fan Capacitor (CBB61)
.  Air Conditioner Capacitor (CBB65)
.  Lighting Capacitor (CBB80)
.  Washing machine capacitor (CBB60)
.  Motor run capacitor (CBB60)
.  AC Aluminum Electrolysis Capacitor (CD60 start capacitor)
.  DC Aluminum Electrolysis Capacitor
.  Parallel Connection Power Capacitors
For our innovative techniques, advanced production line and introduction of the world's best raw materials, we are able to control the costs to the lowest while still supply capacitor products of the best quality.
We currently have 100+ skilled workers and own a workshop area up to 10,000 sq.m., with a monthly turnout of 1 million capacitors. So we can fulfill both small and large orders on a long term base.

As an ISO 9001-2000 certified enterprise, SOK Capacitor strictly follows a ternary system of design, manufacture and quality control. The strandards innnovated in design and production have been recognized by major Test Labs including UL of USA, TUV of Germany, Dotts CE, suggest and CQC.